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MW House,


28   /   09/   2019

Partially resembling a seafaring ship architecture form, the 375 square meter residential located in Finytes Kuwait. Sits comfortably on the plot of land, jutting out and facing both outdoor garden and swimming pool. The basement main reception receives natural light, which follows a recurring theme for the MW House, as the residence itself is a bastion for the reception of natural light throughout the day.


This reduces the need for indoor lighting until nightfall. The first floor is supported and anchored by the ground floor, and provides welcome shade beneath, and the opportunity for al fresco dining.


The master bedroom is equipped with a duplex dressing room, bringing effortless elegance and functionality to this living space.


GMI Studio Architecture team emphasized the house ship form by using smaller proportions on both the ground and 3rd floor. By placing spotlights equidistantly around the sides of the 1st floor facing upwards and from the balcony ceilings downwards we created the striking appearance in the evening of the house being bathed in light.

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