11   /   06   /   2018

The initial architecture house design developed from the idea of having a residential home that contained and was modern, intimate, open and private. The residence uses concrete slabs to interplay between what cannot be seen viewing from the street view, to the openness and freedom of the experience from a person inside the house looking outside.


The Slab House interplays liberally between the use of all the main materials used in its construction; wood, concrete, and steel to make the living experience both visually appealing and tactile. The use of floor to ceiling windows accompanied by twinning concrete slabs separated by strips of space creates an informal, yet structured juxtaposition between the two materials. The outer protecting concrete slabs serve a dual-function; they almost provide a floating look to the structure but also shield most of the strong afternoon sunlight to keep the house cool until evening. The residential  itself is comprised of three separate apartments. The ground floor encompassing one, while the second floor is split for the remaining two apartments. The centrally located stairs leading to the second floor encourage the viewer to see the residence as a single, intact living space. There is a shared eco-friendly garden that takes inspiration from Japanese Zen methods.

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