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Cube House

11   /   02   /   2018

GMI Studio architects were inspired by minimalist and uncluttered architecture design for residential with this residence. The single façade structure is fitted of house on the interior with everything that a household would need. A master bedroom suite overlooks the front of the house, providing shade to the below area. A single sheet of glass adds verticality and a view to the staircase, also glass used for railing, giving a clear view to the second floor of the home which not common in Kuwait culture but utterly  fit client aspiration . The depth of view is noticeable from inside or outside the structure. The white exterior is coupled with the exaggerated brick walls on either side, which serves to draw attention to the jutted 1st floor.


The minimalism of this house is complemented by the Eco-friendly, sustainable garden with native shrubs and a ficus tree that lives well in a hot, arid climate - the garden is effortless to maintain and looks beautiful year-round.

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