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side ANGLE,


28   /   01/   2018

The main reception treated as one unite with entrance and living seating , indoor wall by Jerusalem Limestone as resumption of exterior cladding . 


From  architecture point view of GMI Studio architects team note the only open view for the house is at the street level, with neighbors at the three remaining sides. This provides a sense of security and privacy from the outside world. The driveway can accommodate four cars, so residents can easily park their vehicles.


Within the 2nd and 3rd floors, half of each residential apartment receives light naturally through an impressive garden skylight and not through the contemporary windows. The residents also have an adjoining corridor, as well as access to a private elevator, so as to not disturb the household, Architects  submit  thoughts accordingly of client aspiration. 


The Jerusalem-sourced limestone exudes a deep feeling of calm. The overall impression is luxurious, contemporary. We intentionally excluded any excessive design elements that would draw attention away from the clean, memorable clarity of the residence.

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