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UO House
West Abdullah Al Mubarak

28   /   01/   2018

A residence built with local aesthetic in mind, the UO House is divided at the center of the property by privacy walls. The main residence includes a condo apartment on the ground floor, specifically built to be joined to the main residence, but with its own private entrance so as to not disturb the occupants inhabiting the larger unit. The separating wall is clad with natural stone basalt, which further adds sound insulation for additional privacy between residents.


The high windows on both ground and 1st floor bring in ample natural light, another fixture common in modern Kuwait residences. In the case of excess heat, curtains shield the interior from the harsh light as needed. The 1st floor balconies are supported by a glass railing, which is much easier to clean and maintain long term against sandstorms and other elements of the seasons.


To add to the sense of privacy and seclusion, we situated the residence in a garden while keeping the driveway available to both residents and guests.

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