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AL Khairan , KUWAIT.


28   /   01/   2018

A year-round beach house designed with modern and sleek sensibilities that rises three stories high. The Lithe beach house Chalet is exposed on opposing facades; one street-facing, and one to the sea. The chalet has immediate access to the Khairan beach and views from a single side, making this a luxurious weekend getaway destination.


The Lithe beach house which located in Kuwait, and according to orient culture we add privacy and built into its design by the sandwich walls on either side of its neighbors, while the house itself, shielded from excess sun and heat with the help of the walls, is completely opened up with floor to ceiling wrap-around windows and aluminum. The interior is sophisticated with minimal clutter, boasting functional design elements, an in-ground swimming pool, 4 bedrooms on the first floor, with an additional, spacious royal suite on the second floor.


To complete the modern aesthetic of architecture, outdoor living was incorporated into the space - including multiple balconies and an internal open area shaded by the first floor.

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