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GROTTO house

01   /   01/   2020

The residential project was conceived with the idea of minimizing heat and sun exposure to the structure as much as possible. Our architecture goal was to create a home that withstood the glare of strong afternoon light, as the house façade front faces west while increasing the visual distance from one side of the residence to the other.


This was accomplished by thought GMI Studio team in order to reducing the glass used on the western facing side. One section of glass that runs vertically down the first floor until the roof is depressed by angular geometry, while the horizontal windows are also protected house from direct sunlight by being receded into the building, both from the top and bottom. As the sun crosses each afternoon, a shadow is cast across the residential saving energy costs and reducing glare in the house.


The main relief extends across a line of sight from the main entrance a full 22m through to the backyard garden and into the outdoor swimming pool. Upon entrance and to the first floor we have a generous master bedroom suite, and another 2 master suites on the 2nd floor adjoined by a central reception area that leads back downstairs. The strip of glass that is seen from the front façade illuminates the interior with constant indirect light.


This property is distinctive design through its interplay of direct and indirect light, which is evident across the entire property - making the space effortlessly livable, despite Kuwait’s harsh climates.

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